Tojquia project expansion – Nico Zanetta meets with representative of the Rotary Club Guatemala

Between 27 and 30 August, Nicolás Zanetta Colombo, Village Project implementer of FogQuest, is visiting Guatemala with the aim of refining the details of a new process of installing fog collectors in the locality of Tojquia. On this occasion, and as in previous processes, we have met with Eng. Marco Antonio “Tocono” Ortiz, General Manager of the company Tocosa and representative of the Rotary Club Guatemala Las Americas, who, together with his team, has provided time and Support for the search of the materials required for the installation and other logistical aspects.

We hope to continue to count on the support of Marco Antonio, the Tocosa group and the Rotary Club Guatemala Las Americas so that the project in Tojquia continues to grow and can benefit more families. We are confident that together we can advance the great challenge of delivering fresh water to communities in need in this country.