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FogQuest is a non-profit, registered Canadian charity dedicated to planning and implementing water projects for rural communities in developing countries. It was established in the year 2000 and has a all-volunteer staff. We utilize innovative fog collectors, which are also effective rainfall collectors, to make optimum use of natural atmospheric sources of water.

We provide guidance and advice to individuals and organizations undertaking evaluations or operational fog collection projects. We also provide extensive background information on fog and fog collection through resources available on this website. These include the FogQuest Manual and the Library of over 400 scanned publications. After the disruptions caused by the COVID pandemic, we have decided to minimize our active undertaking of major field projects. FogQuest builds upon the experience gained in projects conducted since 1987, which have repeatedly shown the viability and effectiveness of using fog collectors to produce clean water for people in developing countries worldwide.

For more information on FogQuest and how we work, please visit the what we do page.

We ask your patience as FogQuest moves to a new content management system platform for our website. This work is being done by volunteers and is almost complete. Substantial updates of parts of the site will also be provided once the revision is operational. In the meantime, we hope you find the current features of the site helpful and informative.


FogQuest 2022 Field Manual


This updated PDF version of our manual is now available for purchase at the link above for $24.99 USD.  This PDF, in single page format, may be printed in whole or in sections.  A  printed softcover version is also available at the same link for $80.35 USD.

The manual provides detailed information on how to select a site for a fog collection project, information on involving communities, construction guidelines for both small and large fog collectors, as well as background information on scientific, meteorological and geographical factors relevant to both fog and the fog collection process.


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Please consider becoming a new member. We are looking forward to having you join our efforts to provide clean water in arid regions of the developing world. Membership includes access to the FogQuest Library, which has about 400 publications and documents available for download.

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