New FogQuest Library Available on Our Website

The new FogQuest Library section is now available on our website. This is a unique contribution to accessing a wide range of papers and documents that have been published related to fog collection. There are presently about 400 scanned journal papers, theses, reports, and documents in the library. Each document can be downloaded. Many of these are very difficult to find elsewhere. They may be from old publications dating back to as far as the 1800s, or from obscure field reports, or publications in languages other than English. Currently, papers are divided into those relevant to 27 countries as well as 8 other categories.

We do not endorse the statements in each document or the conclusions reached by the authors. Visitors to this site should make their own critical examination of the results and conclusions. This is especially true of non-peer-reviewed documents such as theses and institutional reports.

This is not a collection of recent publications on fog and fog collection. Recent publications can be accessed through the journals directly or from science aggregating sites.

Access to the library requires payment of a small sum to FogQuest, as a one-year membership cost, which allows unlimited downloads of the publications. The goal is to provide reference material to individuals in the form of a library, not to make the publications freely available on the Internet. The fees are used to support the operation of our charity.

Copyright Notice
Some of the papers presented in the library have a copyright restriction on their use. They are made available for your own personal research purposes. They may not be copied for commercial purposes and may not be inserted, in whole or in part, into other documents without the permission of the copyright holder. Reference to the ideas of the authors of the papers should be properly cited in your publications.