FogQuest Plans and Operations Moving Forward

FogQuest has been in operation as a small, all-volunteer, charity since the year 2000. After 23 years of initiating and carrying out fog collection field projects, training groups and individuals on site evaluation and operation of fog projects, plus providing guidance through correspondence and personal interactions, we have decided that it is necessary to change our direction somewhat.

In part because of the complications brought on by the COVID pandemic and the resulting travel chaos, we have decided to no longer actively undertake field projects. Our focus will move to providing mentoring and assistance to individuals and groups wishing to initiate new projects or revive old projects. We will do this by continuing our responses to queries that come in on an almost daily basis and through the provision of materials on our website. This includes the 160-page FogQuest Manual, which has about 300 colour illustrations, and provides extensive background on both fog and fog collection. Other features on our website will be updated in the coming months and you can access information through the FAQ section and, soon, a totally new Library section.

We thank all of our supporters for their continuing help and appreciate everyone who is fascinated by the possibilities of fog collection.

FogQuest 2022 Field Manual