Drought in California

American readers of this site will be very aware of the lack of water at present for both the urban areas and for agriculture in California. As a result of this we get many questions about whether the collection of fog water may be a solution or partial solution to the water problems. In fact, it can be a valuable source of water in selected locations along the California coast; however, it will not be the answer to water shortages experienced in cities or for the immense agricultural areas in the interior valleys.

We answer questions as best we can, provide advice on using the small Standard Fog Collector to evaluate fog collection at specific locations, and send out mesh so people can build their own SFCs on their properties. Below in this section is an article about how Chris Fogliatti in the San Francisco Bay Area is working with several groups to make measurements with SFCs. We have also had a long-standing relationship with Prof. Daniel Fernandez in Monterey who is doing scientific studies using SFCs.