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Notes on This Section

This section represents a considerable effort on the part of the volunteer staff of FogQuest to provide an archive of original reports and published papers related to fog collection. In many cases, it is likely that no other copies of the reports are available. We do not endorse the statements in each document or the conclusions reached by the authors.

Visitors to this site should make their own critical examination of the results and conclusions. This is especially true of non-peer-reviewed documents such as theses and institutional reports. Several lengthy lists of references on fog collection can also be found elsewhere on the FogQuest website.


Overview studies
Conference Proceedings
Useful Fog & Precipitation Scientific papers
Theses related to Fog Collection

Papers per Country
Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) Canada Canary Islands (Tenerife)
Chile Colombia Dominican Republic
Ecuador Ethiopia Eritrea
Guatemala Haiti Israel
Jordan Kenya Mexico
Morocco Namibia Nepal
Oman (Sultanate of Oman) Peru Saudi Arabia
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USA Venezuela Yemen

Comparative Studies
Chile – Namibia – Oman Chile – Peru – Oman Chile – California
France – Tunisia


Schemenauer, R.S., J.L. Garcia, and P. Osses 2002: Evaluation of the Fog Collection Potential on the Saganac Plateau, Haiti – Final Report. Final Report for Oxfam Quebec, June 2002.