Israel 2002-2010

Fog and Dew Evaluation Project

Update 2009

This small project is proceeding as resources and time permit. It is being carried out in concert with the dew research of Professor Berkowicz. Some Standard Fog Collectors have been put in selected locations and an update will appear here when there are data to report. In 2009, queries from a village for a fog-water supply have led to the provision of some guidance from FogQuest and several visits by Professor Berkowicz. If this project proceeds, it will be described under Current Projects.


The availability of fresh water is limited in Israel as well as in most of the Middle East. Though low rainfall and high annual rainfall variability are characteristic of Israel, dew occurs frequently (> 200 nights/year) in many locations. Fog is less common, perhaps up to about 50 occurrences per year, depending on elevation, but data are few from remote locations. A project was initiated in 2002 to establish a small network of fog and dew collectors in the arid Negev and sub-humid/humid northern part of the country. In addition, both the fog and dew instruments are able to collect rainfall. The overall sums of water captured will shed light on possibilities for home, general garden and agricultural applications in such rural areas. Another aspect of the project is to assess the ecological role of such moisture inputs to the ecosystem. The field work in being coordinated by Professor Simon Berkowicz of the Arid Ecosystems Research Centre of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in cooperation with FogQuest. Professor Berkowicz is a FogQuest member. At present, there are measurements being made in the Negev Desert, the central highlands, the mountains of Galilee and the Golan Heights. It is anticipated that the results of the field measurements will be published in the future.

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