Ethiopia 2010

Fog Collection Pending Project

FogQuest has been approached by the Mt. Zuquala Monastery (Ethiopian Orthodox Church) to provide a fog-water supply for the monastery. It is located on the rim an extinct volcano south of Addis Ababa. There are about 700 monks and nuns living at the monastery and many additional farmers living nearby. We have a potential sponsor for the project in Germany but need to first demonstrate that there is adequate fog water in the dry season at the monastery. To this end, we have sent mesh from Chile to Ethiopia to allow for the construction the small Standard Fog Collectors (SFCs) that we use in the evaluation process. Mesfin Shenkut, a FogQuest member in Addis Ababa and consultant on water projects, will assist the NGO supporting the monastery with the SFC measurements.

Approximate location this project.

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