Chile – Chanavaya

Chile – Chanavaya 2010

Fog Collection Pending Project

Retired Professor, and FogQuest member, Horacio Larrain Barros, who was instrumental in starting the Falda Verde project a number years ago, has agreed to help the fishing village of Chanavaya, not far from Iquique, in the arid Atacama Desert northern Chile. This will be a small project for perhaps 15 fishermen and their families, to augment their water supplies in order to grow gardens. It will be challenging to move the water through a pipeline 3 km or so down the coastal cliffs, but being near to the long-term fog research station at Alto Patache, we expect that ample fog water is present to help the community. There will be an evaluation fog water production rates above the village using Standard Fog Collectors (SFCs).

If the fog-water production is good, we will discuss with the community how to develop an operational project. The main obstacle will be the cost and construction of the pipeline in difficult terrain on the cliff side. This is not a cost that FogQuest can assume from our donor base and Professor Larrain will look for a possible donor for the pipeline in Chile.

Approximate location this project.

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