Morocco – Boutmezguida (Sidi Ifni) 2006 – Ongoing

Fog Collection Current Project

Update – Jan 2010

An evaluation of fog collection rates at two locations in Morocco began in 2006. The project is under the direction of Mr. Aissa Derhem of the Fondation Si Hmad Derhem, Casablanca, Morocco. Fogquest provided some initial guidance and Professor Maria Victoria Marzol, a long-time FogQuest member, has worked with Mr. Derhem on the project. She is a professor at the University of La Laguna, Tenrife, Canary Islands, Spain, and reported on the project at the 2007 Conference on Fog, Fog Collection and Dew in Chile. Mr. Derhem reports they also have two meteorological stations now installed. One is in Sidi Ifni and the other in Boutmezquida. Boutmezguida is on a summit in a mountainous region at 1,225 m.a.s.l. southeast of Sidi Ifni and 30 km inland.

The site has great biological importance due to the diversity of species and Boutmezguida is classified as an Important Botanical Zone. The Fondation Si Hmad Derhem hopes to begin construction of large fog collectors in the summer of 2010. FogQuest will continue to provide guidance and will participate further in the field work as it develops.

Approximate location this project.

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