New Tojquia project completed

New collectors provide water to the school

The project mentioned in our last newsletter – the construction of a double panel large fog collector and the renovation of an adjacent greenhouse in Tojquia, Guatemala, has now been completed.  FogQuest volunteers Pablo Osses and Tony Makepeace helped guide the volunteer effort of the townspeople who constructed the project in late January. 

FogQuest has been working with the people in the village of Tojquia, in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, since 2006. It is an ongoing project to utilize large fog collectors to provide water for the needs of the people on their farms during the dry winter season. Together we have constructed 40 large fog collectors along with the installation of plastic water tanks to store the water. This has been a very successful project and a demonstration of the long-term viability of fog collection projects when they are conducted with the cooperation of the villagers. These fog collectors provide about 8000 L per day of fog water to the families during the winter season when rain is largely absent.

The collectors and the greenhouse are located next to the local schoolhouse. The water supply from the new fog collectors will be used to irrigate a vegetable garden in the renovated greenhouse as well as supply the water needs of the school.   The schoolteacher and students assisted in the completion of the project.

We thank the Cloud Appreciation Society for their support of this project, as well as Rotary International.  The Guatemalan firm TOCOSA provided valuable assistance with supplies and logistics. We also thank our our donors and members for their continued support.

Large two panel collector in final stages of completion
Thanks to our sponsors
Thanks to the Cloud Appreciation Society
Greenhouse under construction
The new collectors provide water to the adjacent school
The climate in the western highlands of Guatemala is conducive to fog collection