Latest News – October 2012

New Evaluation Project in Peru

 Professor Ben Spencer from the University of Washington (Architecture/Landscape Architecture) and Professor Susan Bolton (Environmental and Forest Sciences) have been working in the community of Lomas de Zapallal, Lima, Peru for the past few years. As part of the US EPA’s People Planet and Prosperity (P3) student competition they have now, with the assistance of FogQuest, started a fog collection evaluation project at Lomas de Zapallal. Five modified Standard Fog Collectors were installed in September 2012.

Evaluating fog potential in Lomas de Zapallal, Lima

This location is quite close to the Cerro Orara project site where Robert Schemenauer, Pilar Cereceda and Marcella Suit worked in the 1990s. The project is a learning experience for students from the University of Washington and potentially a new water source for the community in Peru.