FogQuest Field Project for 2018 – Tojquia, Guatemala




We keep in regular contact with the people in the village of Tojquia, in the Western Highlands of Guatemala, where we have worked since 2006. The 35 large fog collectors, each with an area of 40 square meters, have provided a valuable water resource in the dry season for the villagers. Last year we identified five homes for the next stage of the project and installed new water tanks at the homes.

This year we will build five new Large Fog Collectors for these homes. The work will take place in September with the construction guided by Nicolas Zanetta from Chile, with the actual work being done by the people of the village. Two other FogQuest volunteers from Canada will participate and help with a variety of additional tasks. We hope to have a daily blog from the site during the two-week period in the field. If you can help support this project, we would greatly appreciate your donations.