Evaluation Project Update – Mount Kilimanjaro – October 2012

As reported in August 2011, there are now Standard Fog Collectors (SFCs) installed on Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. This was a joint effort led by our partner ped-world in Germany. FogQuest staff have not been to the field location. There is a tremendous need for fresh water for guides, rescue personnel and visitors on the upper part of the mountain. Up to now the water has to be carried 8 km to these high elevation huts. FogQuest is helping to determine whether the frequent fog found there can be a viable source of fresh water.

SFC at 4750 m

The altitude at Barafu is 4600 m and at Kibo-Hut 4750 m. Both are on Kibo-Saddle, the last camp before you reach the peak (5895m). Some data were collected after the initial installation to show that the SFC at Barafu was not properly located. The SFC at Kibo was reported by Bernhard Kueppers of ped-world to have produced large amounts of water for several months but there were problems with how the mesh was installed. The ped-world staff can only reach the sites perhaps once a year and are re-establishing the sites with plans to obtain better data sets.