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Tojquia project expansion underway!

FogQuest volunteers Tony Makepeace and Nicolas Zanetta recently oversaw the construction of the first two of five large fog collectors in the rural settlement of Tojquia, Guatemala. The local people are participating in the construction.

The very capable local men will take over and complete all five collectors. When the construction is complete, each collector will provide between 200 and 400 litres of fresh water daily.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, and a special thanks to the Rotary Club of Guatemala City, as well as the Cloud Appreciation Society in the U.K.

Colombia – October 2012

Evaluation Project Update

Together with our NGO partner in Colombia, Fundación Occidente Colombiano (FUNCO), FogQuest continues to develop an operational project at site KM 18.

Positive water collection rates from non-standard SFCs are coupled with much enthusiasm. The students at the local school Francisco Jose Lloreda Mera (Francisco Miranda campus) focused on their experiences with fog collection as their final term projects. These student presentations have served to heighten local and regional knowledge about fog collection technology. Local NGOs, university and government stakeholders are hearing from the youth all about the untapped possibilities in their backyards. Catch a glimpse of this emerging project through the short video produced by FUNCO. ¡Disfrútalo! Enjoy!

New Project – Tanzania – Fall 2012

Over the last year construction of Large Fog Collectors has proceeded in central Tanzania near Mbulu. The FogQuest fog collection technology is being used by a German NGO, ped-world, to assist villages and schools with water supplies. To date eight large fog collectors (LFCs) have been built at three sites.

LFCs in Tanzania

We don’t have specific water production figures but the results are encouraging and both the number of LFCs and the number of sites will be increased with time. This is an example of the expanding application of our technology. Staff of ped-world spent time at the field site in Morocco learning FogQuest construction techniques, gaining access to the FogQuest manual and other documents, and were sent mesh to use in the LFCs. In addition we have had numerous discussions regarding the construction of fog collectors and operation of field projects; however, the actual field work in Tanzania is funded by ped-world as part of their wider efforts in the country and is under the direction of ped-world.

Latest News – October 2012

New Evaluation Project in Peru

 Professor Ben Spencer from the University of Washington (Architecture/Landscape Architecture) and Professor Susan Bolton (Environmental and Forest Sciences) have been working in the community of Lomas de Zapallal, Lima, Peru for the past few years. As part of the US EPA’s People Planet and Prosperity (P3) student competition they have now, with the assistance of FogQuest, started a fog collection evaluation project at Lomas de Zapallal. Five modified Standard Fog Collectors were installed in September 2012.

Evaluating fog potential in Lomas de Zapallal, Lima

This location is quite close to the Cerro Orara project site where Robert Schemenauer, Pilar Cereceda and Marcella Suit worked in the 1990s. The project is a learning experience for students from the University of Washington and potentially a new water source for the community in Peru.